Britny (narutoninjagirl) wrote in amaashi_art,


Another from Creative Writing. Unfinished. And may stay that way.

Ashes, Ashes
“You liar! You promised that we would play today!”
“Look, Katie. I don’t have time, all right? Maybe, tomorrow…”
“You always say that…”
            Katie ran up the stairs and slammed the door, leaving her older sister, Carmon, in the living room alone. Carmon didn’t have time. She couldn’t be late for work again because of her little sister. Her boss wouldn’t allow it, and Carmon needed the money to keep her little sister fed. She walked out to her car and drove off.
            In her room, Katie was writing in her journal about how mean her sister had gotten. She screamed at the wall and threw whatever she could get her hands on. After she calmed down, she looked at the mess she had made. She looked at her dying rose that had been in a pretty glass vase, but it was shattered. She walked towards it and saw a small, glittering, gold ring with the stem of the rose through the center.
Ring around the rosey.
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