Britny (narutoninjagirl) wrote in amaashi_art,


From Creative Writing. The Emo Class.

If I had only known
            I sat in the corner of my room looking at my bloodied hands. What had I done? Why? I blamed myself for a moment, but you, too, were at blame for this mess. You stood out to me, even befriended me. You looked into my eyes with no fear. Hadn’t you have heard of all the heinous acts I’d committed? You started this whole mess and left me to end it. You were foolish enough to let your guard down around me. I twisted my neck to look over my shoulder and at your motionless corpse.
            I knew you wouldn’t answer, but I wanted you to so badly. You had such a pretty face, but now it was pale and frozen with blood trickling from your mouth and throat. My nail had dug so deep into your flesh. But, you betrayed me. It was supposed to be our Valentine’s Day, not you and some other boys’. You had given him the kiss you had promised me, the card, the entire happy experience. Yet you, the one person who had finally calmed me, destroyed that moment. I crawled over to you and examined your dead body. You were wearing your favorite coat. The coat fit your body so well. I never liked those pockets though; they were too big. They were big enough to hide all your lies and secrets from me. I can’t say I wasn’t curious what you did hide in them. I had always wanted to see. I dug through them, as if looking for some lost treasure worth millions. I pulled out a card. It was pink, with lace and red ribbons and silver glitter. I hesitated to open it, afraid that it was his returned affection. I read the poem; it was too sweet to have been written by a boy. Then my eyes widened when I saw my name at the bottom. Had you been here to deliver it to me? I backed away and buried my face into my knees. If I had only known…but it was too late now. I killed my valentine.
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