Britny (narutoninjagirl) wrote in amaashi_art,


Probably from 5th grade.

We all know what heartbreaks give.
We will have them as long as we live.
Some people get over it really fast.
Other people like to live in the past.
Love is not expensive, nor does it come in bags.
Or in boxes with simmering ribbons and tags.
It comes with emotion trotting behind.
Giving love shows that you are sweet and kind.
Have you ever heard of love at first sight
Or long romantic walks with a kiss sealing the end of the night?
Or even that one really big fight and by evening
You're crying to each other saying things will be alright.
So give a kiss and give a hug because that's the best recipe for truthful love.

okay I realized i was probably like 9-10 ish, but hell i was such a hopeless romantic. wth? xD
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